Sailing for SAR Crews

  • Course ID: C360
  • Discipline: Yachting
  • Level: Competent Crew

Many experienced SAR crew without a sailing background, find working with a yacht or sailing dinghy a challenge. This course demystifies sailing and covers basic sailing skills, key risks for SAR crew and casualty, basic engine troubleshooting, and boat handling under sail, under power and under tow.

Accreditation -
Length of Course 2 days
Objective You will be capable of safely taking charge of a yacht, take the sails down and bring her safely to harbour under engine.
Location SailCork's base at East Ferry in Cork Harbour, with waters suitable for sailing in all weathers. Full facilities including a chartroom for briefings, changing rooms marina.
Equipment Included The Boat has full safety equipment, all nav. aids and powerful engines. The safety equipment includes lifejackets and harnesses for each crew member.
What to bring Soft bag with change of warm clothes, toiletries, sleeping bag. Your own sailing waterproofs (not drysuits). Notebook, pen, knife.
Meals Most meals are pre-prepared by our qualified Galley Cook. Nothing better than sitting at the table in the saloon for a meal with fellow crewmembers after a hard day's sailing!

Layout of yacht, rigging, raising/lowering sails, sail controls, steering, basic boat handling under power and sail, securing a tow and handling under tow, manoeuvring alongside and securing to quay/marina/mooring, anchoring, basic engine troubleshooting, safety systems on board.

Pre Course ISA National Powerboat Certificate or RNLI Crew Certificate or an equivalent. No sailing skills required. Recommendation from your SAR station management.
Pre Course Advice Study your SAR organisation's standard operating procedures for working with a casualty that is a yacht.
Tags Powerboating|Sailing|Yachting|Search and Rescue|SAR|Professional
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