Yacht Racing

Come afloat and learn to crew on a racing yacht! Learn the ropes through structured learning with a professional instructor as skipper. Participate as crew in fun racing and enjoy the cut and thrust of the challenge. Help the boat go faster and enjoy the spoils of the winner!!!

Introduction to Race Crewing

The skill of crew on a racing crew is as much an art as a science.  Under the expert tuition of Yachtmaster Instructor Eddie English, with decades of racing experience all over the world, you will gain an insight into the basics of racing, making you a sought after crew on the best boats.

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Race Sail Trimming

A good sail trimmer (genoa, spinnaker or main) is a sought after crew in a yacht club.  With training from SailCork you can learn the ‘tricks of the trade’ and trim sails for speed.

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Racing Practice

Learning racing on a private yacht in club racing can be challanging as the focus of the skipper is usually on that day’s race and not on crew skill development. In SailCork’s professional learning environment, you can develop your racing skills in a school environment on board a racing yacht.

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