The Cork Harbour One Designs

The Cork Harbour One Designs

The Cork Harbour One Designs were designed by the famous Scottish yacht designer William Fife. The boats were 30 feet long and built of yellow pine on oak and Initially 6 boats were built at the “Gridiron” in Carrigaloe Cobh in 1896 (Querida, Elsie, Little Devil (Cygnet), Maureen, Minx and Bunyip (Sibyl). They had great racing in their first year so three more were built for 1897 - two were built in Passage West (Imp and Coleen) and another at Carrigaloe (Jap). The tenth and last boat was built at the Fisheries School in Baltimore in 1924 (Betty).

The boats raced on a very regular basis in Cobh and Crosshaven as gaff rigged cutters until the 1960’s when the remaining boats (all except Colleen which had been broken up) were converted to bermudian rig. All were masthead except Sibyl and Maureen and Imp which were 3/4 rig. 

So 10 boats were built - 4 have gone - Colleen, Betty, Imp and Sibyl. Six boats remain -  Elsie, Jap, Cygnet, Maureen, Minx and Querida . 

The boats sail numbers were in alphabetical order and here is a brief piece of information on each boat:

C1  Colleen. Built in Passage in 1897 for Arthur Sharman Crawford and sold to Capt James Payne of Crosshaven and then to James Hayes of Crosshaven before being sold to Limerick in 1936. She was converted to a workboat and worked on the Shannon before being broke up in the 1960’s.

C2  Elsie Built in Carrigaloe in 1896 for Patrick Hallinan. Owned by a succession of people including George Dwyer, Thomas Crosbie, RP Sisk and Don McClement. She was bought by the Roche family of Cobh in 1944 and raced by them on a regular basis. In 1999 she was damaged by a fire and restored to gaff rig by Mark Bushe of Crosshaven. Participated in first race after restoration with Querida at Cobh Regatta in 2001. Currently owned by Patrick Dorgan (RCYC) and painted light blue. Afloat 2015.

C3  Imp Built in Passage. Original owner Beamish Morrison. Other owners include: George and Tom Crosbie, George Dwyer, Tom O’ Gorman, Douglas Heard, Charlie Buckley and Mick Powell. Under bermudian rig owners included John Ronan and Johnny Martin in Cobh. She was painted dark blue. Unfortunately wrecked when tied up in Donegal.

C4  Jap  Bulit in Carrigaloe a year after others. Different deck layout with 2 cockpits. Original owner A. Fowler. Owners included: W Riordan, Murphy family, R Mc Clement. She was the last boat to be converted to bermudan and owners under that rig included: Peter Walsh, Tom Abernethy, Bill Russell. Restored to gaff rig by Clayton Love Junior and raced successfully in classic yacht regattas in Europe and the UK. Currently owned on south coast England. Colour White.


C5 Cygnet (Little Devil, Doreen)      Built Carrigaloe. Original owner Joseph Gubbins. Owned by Alymer Hall in Cobh as Little Devil who sold her to Paddy O’ Regan of Cobh who renamed her Cygnet. Also sailed by Kevin and Frank O’ Regan and crewed by Eamonn English. Converted she was owned by Barry Bourke, Jim Dwyer, Peter Fagan and Barry Crockett. Raced against Maureen on centenary in 1996 with Kevin o’ Regan on helm. Currently owned by P Kiely and undergoing restoration. Hull colour dark red. 

C6 Maureen       Built in Carrigaloe for MJ Sullivan. Owners included: George Crosbie, Major Hallinan. Sold to Jimmy Horgan of Cobh in 1956. Converted to bermudian by Jim with 3/4 rig. Sailed by Jimmy, his son Bill and now his son Alan. Beat Cygnet in centenary race in 1996 and was sailed by Eddie English. Was in collision with pilot boat in 1998 and sunk. Restored to gaff. In storage Ballynoe, Carrigaloe Cobh Hull colour white. 

C 7 Minx  Built Carrigaloe. Original owner Arthur Julian. Owner included JH Mc Mullen, and Finbarr Crowley who converted her to bermudian rig. Owners included Tom Mc Neice and Jack O’ Driscoll. Restored by George Radley and currently ashore Rossleague, Cobh Island and for sale. 

 C8 Querida      Built in Carrigaloe for A Fowler. Owners included: Col. Barry, Sullivan family, George Crosbie. George Radley. Crushed Eddie English’s fingers Cobh Regatta 1957! Converted by Steve Malone and owned by Bill Walsh. Bought by George Radley junior who was first to restore a CHOD. Sailed to victory in Cobh Regatta 2001 by Eddie English. Currently ashore in Rossleague Cobh Island. Hull colour yellow.

 C9  Sibyl (Bunyip/Maev).    Built in Carrigaloe for Attwell Allen Cobh. Owners included Hegarty, Sutton, Cross and Doyle brothers. Joe Lane converted her to 3/4 bermudian. (First boat to be converted) Christy Gibbons sailed her in first October league in RCYC. Sunk in Kinsale. Guarded by large conger eel. Hull colour red. 

C10 Betty.   Built in Baltimore in 1924 for Tom and George Crosbie. Owners included John O’ Meara and Potter Cogan family. Sadly she was damaged beyond repair by a crane during restoration in Ringaskiddy in 1979. Hull colour was mid blue.  

This blog is still being written ........ if oyu have any photos or any other info on the CHODs please mail me    Thanks!!

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