iPad for navigation at sea

The iPad has now become a regular sight aboard - being used for communication, using lots of different apps and being used for navigation. As a Yachtmaster Instructor  I have been using Macs since 1992 and has been using Navionics Charts on his iPhone since they were launched in 2009.  In the summer of 2011 I began to use the iPad with Navionics Charts aboard the SailCork flagship "Holy Grounder". I have used the Navionics charts on my iPad to navigate in Ireland, the UK, France, Spain, Croatia and the Caribbean.

The iPad is perfect for planning a voyage in the comfort of your own home well in advance and then bringing it aboard and using it for navigation. It is far, far easier to plan a route on the iPad than on a conventional chart plotter and takes a fraction of the time!!

Navigation Course using the iPad

I have found the iPad indispensable for Passage Planning and excellent for navigation. Navionics are the leading producer of electronic charts and were the first company to make charting available as an app for the iPhone and the iPad and have full charting for the world. There are a number of other chart makers who produce "Apps" but the Navionics App is by far the most popular because of it's details, versatility and ease of use.

The iPad is fantastic for weather forecasts if you have a 3G or wireless signal and of course fantastic for all types of information - especially pilotage information. 

What type of iPad is best for marine navigation? 

Chart Apps will work on all iPads but for navigation purposes the Wirless and 3G model is best. This is because the Wi-Fi and 3G  model has an inbuilt GPS. The Wi-Fi only model does NOT have a GPS and only gives a position when connected to a wireless network.


Navionics iPad app for navigationWhere do I get charts?

Go to the App Store and look for "Navionics" Download the chart set Navionics UK AND HOLLAND HD (Available on the App Store for approx €50). (The UK Holland is the ONLY set of charts that includes Irealnd - the EUROPE Charts DO NOT include Ireland.)

There are several other chart apps from Navionics - Europe, Caribbean and South America, USA, Australasia and Africa etc. All the Apps for the iPad are HD (High Definition) - the Navionics Apps for the iPhone will work on the iPad but are small on the screen and are NOT HD. 

When you download your chart it is well worth getting a small upgrade for less than €5 - This is a special "NavModule" which gives the App much greater functionality. Simply go to MENU and open "Upgrades and Apps" - it is currently the only "Upgrade" available.

Using the iPad for Navigation - Masterclass

SailCork have always been the groundbreakers when it comes to new courses and now we present the first course for using the iPad for navigation(and as far as we know the only course available). Eddie will demonstrate using these charts and the latest software available and demonstrate all the features in a specially prepared slide show showing all the features of the Navionics Charts on the iPad. Up to date weather information is also available when on line - Eddie will show you the best way to get the best information. He will also demonstrate a specific passage plan and get participants to plan a passage using their iPads. 

If you wish to get the best from this course you are advised to download the App from Navionics for There are other chart Apps for the iPad such as Imray, Memory Map etc but the SailCork iPad course will feature Navionics Charts only.

Using the iPad for Navigation Masterclass will be held on Wed 20 Feb 2013 at 19:30 until 22:15 at the RCYC in Crosshaven. Call us at SailCork 021 4811237 to book. 


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