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Be safe afloat! Learn at evening classes this autumn

 The autumn is on the way!     The season afloat will come to an end soon  – the days are getting shorter and the evenings darker!

We now have time to take stock of the season afloat and prepare for next year – the perfect time to take a shorebased course to increase our knowledge about matters afloat!

There are many things we need to learn about –  weather   -    tides   -      safety afloat        -       buoys and lights   -       rules     -      charts and chartwork     -     electronic navigation      -       pilotage       - and of course putting all the information together to form a    -      passage plan. A navigation course is the perfect platform to study all of these areas and help you become more proficient afloat.

Plotter and dividers



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Cruising the Cork and Kerry Coasts.

We are blessed in Ireland with a magnificent coastline - there are very many beautiful places but for my money the best cruising ground is Cork and Kerry. Besides amazing scenery on our coastline there are lots of great ports and safe anchorages full of character. A voyage on this coastline makes for a memorable holiday. This blog explores the coastline from Youghal in East Cork to the north Kerry and the Sahnnon Estuary. I am lucky enough to have sailed these waters for nearly 50 years and I want to share some of my insights and tips............................ 

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SailCork Caribbean Cruise 2013 - St. Vincent and the Grenadines

 The annual SailCork Caribbean Cruise is the perfect antidote for the dull, dreary, wet and cold Irish winter. This year we headed 350 miles further south than our usual destination, the British Virgin Islands, to a new cruising ground for us - St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). These amazing islands surpassed our expectations providing excellent sailing in warm 15-20 knot breezes with constant sunshine. The islands were fantastic to explore with pristine golden beaches fringed with green palms. The food was great - especially the local lobster and the locals were very friendly and obliging. We had a great crew and we talked, smiled, sang and laughed for the week! 

It was an amazing cruise and I cant wait to get back to SVG - we head there again in January 2014. Read on to see what a great time was had by all!

Petit Tabac St Vincent and the Grenadines

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iPad for navigation at sea

 The iPad makes an excellent chart plotter and helps to simplify navigation. This blog explains which iPad to buy, the Apps to buy and advice as how to get the best from the iPad aboard.iPad Navigation

Make your navigating much easier - read this blog! 

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Understanding our Irish Weather

Based on the edge of Europe with the Atlantic lapping our shores we have our own unique weather patterns in Ireland. Our weather is certainly not boring! It gives us plenty to talk about - in fact it is usually the starter for many conversations! "Grand day today!"  

We see changes all the time - "In Ireland we often see four seasons in one day"  We are all aware of the weather and now we have many more means of obtaining accurate forecasts and for a longer period. But where do we get these forecasts and how can we understand them? It is important for all of us - it is vital for all mariners!

Read on and learn about our Irish weather forecasts and how to understand them!

Understanding the weather

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“You must be fierce quiet at this time of the year!”

During the depths of our Irish winter many people begin conversation with me by saying "You must be fierce quiet at this time of the year!"  - Well nothing could be further from the on and find out why!!


Eddie English

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Using the iPad for Navigation

The iPad makes an excellent chart plotter and helps to simplify navigation. This blog explains which iPad to buy, the Apps to buy and advice as how to get the best from the iPad aboard.iPad Navigation

Make your navigating much easier - read this blog! 

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A “navigation course” is about a lot more than navigation! - it’s what you need!

Navigation courses include the topics of Safety, Collision Regulations, Meteorology, Tides, the Compass, Lighthouses and buoys, the use of Navigational Publications, Chartwork, Electronic Navigation, Navigation in fog, Pilotage and Passage Planning.

Iala buoyage Evening navigation classes begin with the short Introduction to Navigation on Mon Oct 15 at our base in East Ferry and the Day Skipper on Wed Oct 24 and Yachtmaster on Thur 25 in the Royal Cork Yacht Club in Crosshaven........... Why should I do a navigation course?........... read on.........  

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September is coming - and so is summer!

The so called "summer" of 2012 has been a disaster - but do not looks hope!!  As  September arrives so does some good settled weather! High pressure will dominate for the first week of September!! We are certainly going to take advantage of it in SailCork with a very full programme for the month. So have a look at this blog and see for yourself that we still have plenty of time to enjoy the amazing waters of Cork Harbour!!

East Ferry sailing

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SailCork Isles of Scillies Cruise - to Dingle!

Every year SailCork organise a cruise in company from Cork to the Isles of Scilly at the end of May. This year we had "Holy Grounder" as flagship with Conor Mansfield's "Finalee" (Jeanneau 37), Vince Donnelly's "Ben Lui" (Shipman 28) and Sean and Ita Hunt's "Red Magic" (Victoria 34). Passage plans were made, pilotage for the Scillies was done, crews were prepared and then - the wind turned to the SE and was due to gust to galeforce whilst we were on passage - so we did the sensible thing and we turned right - and headed the same distance (130M) to Dingle! ..... and what a fantastic time we had! Read on to hear Ita Hunt's execllent blog on our fantastic cruise to Dingle............ 

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