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From Zero to Hero in 3 years! - by Dave Hunter

In the autumn of 2007 Vince Donnelly and Dathai O Fiachra   - both beginners - signed on to to the Day Skipper Navigation Course. Since then they completed several practical courses, bought their own boat and completed their Yachtmaster Shorebased Navigation Course. They spent the last half a year as professional skippers in Greece - living the life! This blog is their story -

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What is Powerboating?

"Powerboating" is a word I never heard in my youth but now it is one of the most important sectors of sport afloat! In this blog we have a look at it's past and it's rise to fame!


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Autumn Series at the Royal Cork

The best cruiser racing in Ireland is now taking place in Cork Harbour every weekend during October at the Royal Cork Yacht Club Autumn Series. Racing takes place for the first four Sundays of the month with the final two races on the last Saturday of the month. It is amazing to see the sea of sails swarming in the Harbour like an invasion fleet every weekend. This race series, sponsored by O' Flynn Exham, is one of the jewels in the crown of the RCYC and has been going on now for 38 on to see more!

Autumn League RCYC


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A navigation course is about a lot more than navigation!

Navigation courses include the topics of Safety, Collision Regulations, Meteorology, Tides, the Compass, Lighthouses and buoys, the use of Navigational Publications, Chartwork, Electronic Navigation, Navigation in fog, Pilotage and Passage Planning.

Iala buoyage Evening navigation classes begin with the short Introduction to Navigation on Mon Oct 15 at our base in East Ferry and the Day Skipper on Wed Oct 24 and Yachtmaster on Thur 25 in the Royal Cork Yacht Club in Crosshaven........... Why should I do a navigation course?........... read on......... 

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The Art and Science of Navigation

Navigation is the art or science of determining position and direction - or the process of reading, and controlling the movement of a craft or vehicle from one place to another. It is an ever evolving science. We have progressed hugely since the Chinese invented the magnetic compass and in the last 50 years progress has been in leaps and bounds to make electronic navigation simple and more reliable. In this blog we look at mans progress throughout the ages - we no longer believe the world is flat!

Navigation Course

 In order to navigate several skills are needed - understanding the tides, the weather, the compass, interpretation of charts and almanacs, understanding the rules and using all of this information to come up with a plan. To navigate safely a skipper needs to have the ability to direct the vessel and have the necessary seamanship skills to lead a crew to carry out the operations to direct the vessel. The most important thing is that the good navigator knows where he is at all times and just as importantly where he is not!

Navigation Course Cork


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Irish Naval Service and the “Naval Race”

 Sailing has had a long standing connection with the Irish Naval Service - after all the naval service is based on the island of Haulbowline off Cobh in Cork Harbour and is is also where the forerunner of the Royal Cork Yacht Club - the Cork Water Club- was founded in 1720. The naval service has produced many fine dinghy sailors and yachtsmen and make their presence felt with the "Tailte" and the "Creidne" at ports up and down the coast. Indeed their are many Naval Service personnel who sail and cruise on a very regular basis as members of the Irish Naval Service Yacht Squadron. From time to time they kindly invite people to their headquarters in Haulbowline and next Saturday Sep 18 is the turn of the yachtsmen of Cork Harbour with the annual "Naval Race" finishing at the island. Cruisers from the harbour club will converge on the island and enjoy true Naval hospitality. 

Yachts of Water Club of Cork

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September - plenty of action afloat!

The schools have re-opened - a sure sign of change of seasons but we now have excellent weather! - and the prospects are good for the rest of September. The "head of the river" race from COBH to BLACKROCK and on to Cork takes place on Sat 4, we at SailCork have our JUNIOR REGATTA on Sun 12, the dinghy race from Cobh to BALLINACURRA is on Sat 18 as is the "NAVY RACE" to Haulbowline - at SailCork we will be running dinghy sailing, powerboating, cruiser sailing and kayaking at weekends - specialising on juniors on Saturdays and families on Sunday mornings and adults on Sunday afternoons - of course we will have full weekend courses as well ........and at the end of September we begin our evening navigation classes. Click on more below to find out more about the story behind activity afloat on Cork Harbour in September.

Cork Harbour Sailing

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Summer drawing to a close - but busier than ever here at SailCork!

As the summer draws to a close we are busier than ever here at SailCork- still 2 weeks of junior courses, adult dinghy courses are in full swing, powerboat courses continue, and of course our cruiser programme has a long way to go - but the main work now is finalising plans for autumn/winter courses. These include courses in : Navigation , Electronic Navigation,  VHF Radio, First Aid, Safety at Sea, Meteorology, Dinghy Instructor, Powerboat Instructor and lots of advanced instructor endorsements. This week will be my first week in the office for over 6 weeks as I have been teaching afloat and enjoying being afloat - on the fantastic 82 foot Oyster "Zig Zag" and of course our trusty Sail Cork cruiser the "Holy Grounder"  - it has been an amazing 6 weeks and in this blog I am going to share some of my experiences.......... so read on!

Oyster 82 Zig Zag

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Cork Week - Europe’s best fun regatta

 The build up has begun............ not long to go now to one of the best Regattas in the world - Cork Week! This bi-annual feast of sailing and fun runs from 12-16 July at the Royal Cork Yacht Club in Crosshaven Co. Cork Ireland. This gathering of the "good, the bad and the ugly" of sailing has a place in everybody's heart - it is simply the best - great racing afloat for 5 days and a festival of fun ashore for over a week. I wouldn't miss it for love nor money. You too can get afloat with SailCork. Follow the link below and find out more about this fantastic regatta..........

Cork Week

Cork Week

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Coast - Cork Part 2 - West Cork

 Last week my blog began on the Cork Coast and we looked at East and South Cork. This week we go beyond the Old of Kinsale to West Cork. On the June Bank Holiday we sailed "Holy Grounder" to Baltimore and back - what a great cruise! As I write "Grounder" is making her way from Glandore to the Fastnet Rock - another fantastic cruise on the Cork coast. Next Sat June 12 we have a Day Sail to the centre of Cork City with "An Ras Mor" - a row from the entrance of the Harbour to the City. But for now we are going to look at some of the havens and harbours of West Cork................

Fastnet Rock sailing

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