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Sunshine Cruise in Croatia in October with SailCork

Sunshine Cruise in Croatia in October with SailCork

This cold wild weather has me thinking about sunshine sailing -  an escape to warmer climes! The SailCork Caribbean Cruise begins on Jan 21 - it has been booked out for quite a while now and there are a few dissappointed need to book early for our cruises! So with that in mind we are letting you know that booking is open for our October Sunshine Cruise in Croatia.........already we have a number of here is a repeat of a blog from a few years ago extrolling the virtues of Croatia ... do have a look!! 

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Navigation Courses…a lot more than just navigation!

 On Wed 22 October we begin our winter series of navigation courses...just like we have done for the last 30 years.  But......what is a navigation course? It is much more than just navigation - There are many things we need to learn about –weather, tides, safety afloat, buoys and lights, rules, charts and chartwork, electronic navigation, pilotage and of course putting all the information together to form a passage plan. These are the elements of a navigation course and it is the perfect platform to study all of these areas and help you become more proficient afloat.

Navigation Courses

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Sailing Invasion of Cork City!

Cork City Ahoy!

One of my favourite days of the year comes each September - the annual Cove Sailing Club race from Cobh to Blackrock. The boats then continue upriver to Cork City for a great party!

I am lucky enough to have enjoyed "going up the river" on over 40 occasions - it is a day I hate to miss! There is an opportunity for everyone to participate and enjoy a great day afloat. Read the blog and find out all about it!

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Isles of Scilly - here we come!

We areIsles of Scilly ready for departure to the Isles of Scilly in the morning! I am really looking forward to a great trip to these magical islands  Looks like the rain will stop and the weather is going to improve for us too - we should have a smooth crossing with NW breeze 8-12kn initially and it amy be even clam for a while………..time for the engine to do its work and keep us on schedule! 

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Round Cobh Island Windsurfing Race 2014

After a lapse of 15 years the Round Cobh Island Windsurfing Race was set to be run on Sat May 10 but due to strong westerly gales it was postponed to Sunday May 11.

The event was a FANTASTIC success with sailors from the past and present emerging from all corners of Ireland! A fleet of 25 boards turned up with 22 starting and 15 finishing - It proved to be very exciting for all those involved due to winds from 2 knots to 24 knots and even more exciting for the leaders. Click on the link below to read the full report and to see some great pictures! 

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Sailing Adventure to the Magical Islands

Sailing Adventure!

Sail to our nearest neighbour - the Isles of Scilly off Land's End in Cornwall. Join Eddie English and the crew of Holy Grounder on this great adventure. Enjoy cruising these magical islands in a different world. Eddie first sailed to the Scillies in 1974 and has visited dozens of times sinec - he will share his knowledge with you! Read this blog for more details of this amazing adventure...........

Isles of Scilly


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Round Cobh Island Windsurfing Race Sat May 10 2014

When windsurfing came to Ireland in the late 1970's it was a new from of fun. It wasn't long before there were pockets of windsurfing enthusiasts (or boardsailors) all over Ireland. Everybody who goes afloat has a competitive streak and it was with that in mind that Eddie English and Cork Boardsailing Club (Commodore Peter Crowley) organised theCork Harbour Open Boardsailing Championships on the October Bank Holiday in 1981.

In 1982 the Irish Windsurfer Class had their National Championships in Cobh and this again was a fantastic success. Obviously with all this windsurfing action on the Harbour it sparked a huge interest in Cobh - with lots of eager customers taking windsurf lessons from Eddie English and his team at SailCork (then called International Sailing Centre). It was only a matter of time before a local club was founded and in October 1982 the Buccaneer Boardsailors Cobh (BBC) began a programme of racing 52 weeks of the year. The 1982 Cork Harbour Championships was a huge success with 123 entrants! - the late and great Rob James was the overall winner. (Gerry Robinson was winner of the windsurfer Class) Cobh needed another race - so the idea of a marathon race was mooted - what would the course be - around the Great Island of Course!!

SailCork 40 years in business 2014

The Round Cobh Race was below to read on 

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It’s mid winter - time for SailCork to head west…............very far west

 Now that the days are short, the nights art long, the rain is incessant, the wind is gale force, the cold is unbearable it si time to head WEST................very far west!   In fact 3,500 miles the sunny, warm Caribbean. Just like migratory animals the SailCork crew hear to the Caribbean each winter for some top class sailing in amazing waters!! Next opportunity will be in Jan 2015. Do click on link below and read about what we have planned for this year!

Cork to the Caribbean

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Our Irish Weather….....and how to understand it!

We were lucky in 2013 - we had a summer! We also had a great autumn - right up until mid December - but now we are paying for it!  We have had a run of gales and storms the like of which we have not seen for a long time ...........but why? Read our blog and find out more!Strom Ireland  

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What do you do during the winter? - Must be nothing happening! - WRONG!!

 During the depths of our Irish winter many people begin conversation with me by saying "What do you do during the winter? - Must be nothing happening!" or "You must be fierce quiet at this time of the year!"  WRONG - Well nothing could be further from the on and find out why!! Plenty happening at SailCork!!


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