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Taste of Yachting - Day Sail €115

This is for complete beginners or experienced sailors who wish to go yachting.  The session is geared towards fun and is a gentle introduction to sailing and the wonderful Cork Harbour.

Man Overboard Recovery & Boating Safety for Women

Women and men approach a physical activity such as sailing in totally different ways.  This course is for women.  It is about empowering you to create a safe sailing enviroment for you, the men in your life and your children.  SailCork’s instructors and water safety experts will teach you how to recover a person from the water into a yacht using technique rather than strength.

Perriwinkle Adventure Camp (4-8yrs) €225 per week or €50 per day

Join us for a confidence-building summer camp that takes place throughout the months of June, July and August. You will have the best time of your life! The main goal of this camp is to ensure everyone is having fun! A massive confidence builder, you will learn some basic sailing and safe powerboating skills, kayaking/rowing, pier jumping, wood trails and learn about local bird life and shipping vessels. Go home happy and exhausted !!

Current Conditions - Cork Harbour + Ireland

Current Conditions - Cork Harbour + Ireland

Wind speed and direction, etc    With links to all other ports

Wind  Forecasts South of Ireland

Wind Forecasts South of Ireland

Synoptic charts (Meteorological)  Ireland and Europe

Synoptic charts (Meteorological)  Ireland and Europe

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