Safety at Sea

Safety at Sea: One day course - €100

Sat. Mar. 28 (1030-1700)

This course will include a session on how to properly brief a crew and carry out safety checks before going afloat. Whilst the emphasis is on the prevention of accidents including MOB Ð we must know how to react if something goes wrong. The session afloat will concentrate on recovery of MOB and getting personnel aboard from the water. A set of briefing notes for skippers will follow but it is important that each crew have worked out a mechanism for recovery of personnel form the water.

Safety at Sea

Eddie English Blog

16 October 2014

Navigation Courses…a lot more than just navigation!

 On Wed 22 October we begin our winter series of navigation courses...just like we have done for the last 30 years.  But......what is a navigation course? It is much more than just navigation - There are many things we need to learn about –weather, tides, safety afloat, buoys and lights, rules, charts and chartwork, electronic navigation, pilotage and of course putting all the information together to form a passage plan. These are the elements of a navigation course and it is the perfect platform to study all of these areas and help you become more proficient afloat.

Navigation Courses


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