Safety at Sea

Safety at Sea: One evening course - €50

Wed 3rd Dec 19:30 to 22:00

Safety Equipment

Safety, Distress and Rescue. Planning and preperation is key to being safe afloat - this is coverd in the SAFETY section of the evening. This course will include a session on how to properly brief a crew and carry out safety checks before going afloat. Whilst the emphasis is on the prevention of accidents  we must know how to react if something goes wrong.

VHF RadioWhen we cannot sort the problem ourselves then we must know how to call for help - this is covered in the DISTRESS section and includes the use of flares, VHF Radio, EPIRB etc. We must know how to do this in a safe and calm manner.

Finally , when we have called for help, we must know how to react if a fellow sailor, a helicopter, a lifeboat or other rescue boat comes to hep us - this is the RESCUE section.


Safety at Sea

Eddie English Blog

31 August 2015

Haulbowline Island - a short history


The island of Haulbowline in Cork Harbour lies just across the water from the town of Cobh.  Fortifications were built here in the early 1600's but in 1707 the Earl of Inchiquin of Rostellan, William o' Brien, took a lease on the island. His grandfather, Murrough O' Brien,  the first Earl of Inchiquin  had introduced sailing to Ireland during the 1660's at Rostellan - sailing the waters near East Ferry. It is likely that all the O' Briens sailed on these lovely waters now frequented by the dinghies and other boats from SailCork. We know for certain that the 4th Earl, also William was definitely involved in the " Water Club" in 1720 - but it is possible that the club existed on Halubowline before this date. 


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