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Basic NavigationAt SailCork we have been shorebased navigation courses successfully for over 30 years with over 2000 graduates to prove it! Every opportunity is used to refer to practical day to day real life situations. If your area of interest is motor boating, RIB driving, sea angling, sea kayaking, dayboat sailing, cruiser sailing or commercial boat driving - we have the background and experience to give you the course you want.

Course director Eddie English is an ISA/RYA Yachtmaster Examiner. Eddie's teaching expertise is recognised worldwide having sailed all over Europe, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the USA, Australia and the Pacific.   Eddie motors, sails and races thousands of miles every year and passes on his experience in our classes. Learn from us and also from your colleagues on the course. Enjoy relaxed surroundings, modern teaching methods, experienced tutors and enjoy a chat before or after class as well as at the coffee break. Come aboard and have top class tuition, enjoy friendly camaraderie and relish the progressive learning experience. 

For complete beginners we run our short Basic Navigation Course-stay on this page.

For beginners and improvers we run our full course - go to the Day Skipper Shorebased Navigation Course 

For experienced/advanced navigators we run the Yachtmaster Offshore Shorebased Course.

Learn Electronic Chart PlottingAll our Navigation Courses include Electronic Navigation and we provide a tutorial disk for every participant. 

The navigation courses at SailCork are unique to Ireland in that they embrace the syllabi of the ISA and the RYA as well as extra additions by SailCork using our unique experience of running this course for over 30 years. 

RYA Basic Navigation Course

Course provides an introduction and an insight into basic navigation . Recommended to complete beginners as a short introduction to the sport or those who wish to have a basic foundation before embarking on a full navigation course. Specially suited to powerboaters and small boat owners, Covers basic navigation and safety at sea - an absolute must for new boat owners - think safe and enjoy being afloat!

NB This is a nice concise course and is run over 3 evenings or two full days. 

An introduction to navigation and safety awareness for new, inexperienced or rusty skippers and crew. This course is for anyone new to sailing, motor boating including RIBs and other small powerboats, sea angling and diving as well as experienced dinghy and keelboat sailors and inshore racers.


Admiralty ChartThis course is the perfect introduction or refresher for anyone going afloat on inshore waters, and a stepping stone to the more in-depth Day Skipper shorebased course.It also complements our on-the-water training such as the Intermediate Powerboat, Start Yachting, Helmsman or Day Skipper courses. You will receive a course pack which includes a chart, plotter, course handbook, exercises and an electronic chart plotter CD. This is a highly practical course with lots of opportunities foryou to put your new found knowledge into practice using the exercises provided.

NB If you have a group of 4 or more we can run a special course for you.

Course topics include: Charts and publications, Safety, Engine checks, Buoyage, Tidal awareness, Visual and electronic navigation, Pilotage, Rules of the road, Anchoring, Weather forecasts, Passage planning


     Venue: SailCork's Chartroom, East Ferry Marina,  Cobh Co. Cork
  Course materials: Special Exercise pack including Day Skipper Navigation book, practice charts, electronic charts with tutorial and free chart plotting instrument.  You will need Notepad and pencil , Practice Navigation Tables and nautical dividers (available from SailCork) - please note SailCork stock all relevant pilot books, charts etc.

         Basic Navigation Course Prices

Eddie English Blog

13 April 2014

Round Cobh Island Windsurfing Race Sat May 10 2014

When windsurfing came to Ireland in the late 1970's it was a new from of fun. It wasn't long before there were pockets of windsurfing enthusiasts (or boardsailors) all over Ireland. Everybody who goes afloat has a competitive streak and it was with that in mind that Eddie English and Cork Boardsailing Club (Commodore Peter Crowley) organised theCork Harbour Open Boardsailing Championships on the October Bank Holiday in 1981.

In 1982 the Irish Windsurfer Class had their National Championships in Cobh and this again was a fantastic success. Obviously with all this windsurfing action on the Harbour it sparked a huge interest in Cobh - with lots of eager customers taking windsurf lessons from Eddie English and his team at SailCork (then called International Sailing Centre). It was only a matter of time before a local club was founded and in October 1982 the Buccaneer Boardsailors Cobh (BBC) began a programme of racing 52 weeks of the year. The 1982 Cork Harbour Championships was a huge success with 123 entrants! - the late and great Rob James was the overall winner. (Gerry Robinson was winner of the windsurfer Class) Cobh needed another race - so the idea of a marathon race was mooted - what would the course be - around the Great Island of Course!!

SailCork 40 years in business 2014

The Round Cobh Race was below to read on 


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