Yacht Safety

  • Course ID: Y710
  • Discipline: Yachting
  • Level: Competent Crew

Before heading to sea a boat must be properly equipped. Equipment for everyday living, navigation, cooking, repair and of course emergency. The crew must know how to stow and use the equipment properly. The list of provisions must be carefully planned depending on the voyage and the availability of supplies en route. In the case of an emengency we must be able to communicate to the rescue services that we need help and we must know what to do when help arrives.

Length of Course 1 day
Objective Understand the issues around Yacht Safety and be able to prepare your boat and crew for any eventuality.
Location Cork Harbour or West Cork, South Coast of Ireland.
Equipment Included The Boat has full safety equipment, all nav. aids and powerful engines. The safety equipment includes lifejackets and harnesses for each crew member. Waterproofs are available on request.
What to bring Soft bag with change of warm clothes
Meals Coffee and cake or scones served at break times. Delicious home cooked lunch served on board.

Basic knowledge of sea terms. Introduction to steering. Introduction to sail handling. Introduction to ropework. Demonstration of navigation and pilotage.

Pre Course Read Safety On The Water booklet - 'Sailing Sea Safety Guidelines' available on

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Eddie/Joe/Peter (&Kuba)

this note of thanks is a little tardy so apologies.

As a business just want to say you guys look after your customers and everything was well thought out and very well planned.

Food always excellent, can't wait for the Sailcork Cookbook, I am sure its an art planning food in a challenging environment.

The training was exceptional, from theory classes to the practical side, for me it's amazing you can take someone with no knowledge and no confidence, put them through a program and give them them the required knowledge, skills and  confidence to sail.

..... and in doing so find that difficult balance between a social activity that also requires vigilance safety and security.

I have done many courses (work and pleasure) I can honestly say I learned the most and at so many levels from Sailcork, we are the better for your long and valuable service in Cork.

best regards,

William Oppermann (look after Lou...she is building muscle for the winches...)

William Oppermann

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