VHF SRC 1 & 2 (DSC)

  • Course ID: M220
  • Discipline: VHF Radio
  • Level: DSC

This course is intended for those who wish to be familiar with the working of the VHF radio and to obtain a Short Range VHF Radio Cert (SRC). 

Accreditation DTTAS SRC
Boat -
Length of Course 3 evenings 1930-2215 or one long day
Objective You will be licenced to operate a marine VHF, DSC systems, EPRIB and other marine communication systems. You will be entitled to be the named license for a Ships Radio Licence for your boat.
Location The chartroom at SailCork's base at East Ferry near Cobh. Also (during the winter months) at the Royal Cork Yacht Club in Crosshaven.
Equipment Included Course notes. All radio, communications and electrical equipement required for the course.
What to bring Notebook and pen, highlighter.

All aspects of radiotelophony voice and DSC alerting and marine radio procedures and techniques used in Distress, Urgency, Safety and Routine situations.

Using the VHF radio for routine calls to friends. Staying in contact with the Coastguard. Understanding and operating the DSC Radio, the EPIRB, the SART and NAVTEX. 

VHF Radio CourseVHF Radio Course at SailCork

Pre Course Advice Do have a look through the notes!!
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