Skippered Yacht Charter

  • Course ID: Y130
  • Discipline: Yachting
  • Level: Competent Crew

A comfortable sailing yacht, skippered by an experienced instructor is at your disposal. Our instructors have in depth knowledge of Cork Harbour, its navigation, interesting spots and history and use this to give you a day out you won't forget. Alternatively you can charter Holy Grounder with an experience racing skipper for racing at events such as Cork Week.

Length of Course Variable
Objective Enjoy the fresh air and delights of sailing on a comfortable yacht.
Equipment Included The Boat has full safety equipment, all nav. aids and powerful engines. The safety equipment includes lifejackets and harnesses for each crew member. Waterproofs are available on request.
What to bring Soft bag with change of warm clothes
Meals Coffee and cake or scones served at break times. Delicious home cooked lunch served on board.

Explore Cork Harbour and further afield at a leisurely pace.

Course Brands Wild Atlantic Way
Tags Yacht Sailing. Yachtmaster. Cork Harbour. Navigation. Holy Grounder.
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