Man Overboard Recovery & Boating Safety for Women

  • Course ID: Y720
  • Discipline: Yachting
  • Level: Competent Crew

Women and men approach a physical activity such as sailing in totally different ways. This course is for women. It is about empowering you to create a safe sailing enviroment for you, the men in your life and your children. SailCork's instructors and water safety experts will teach you how to recover a person from the water into a yacht using technique rather than strength.

Length of Course Half day or evening.
Objective To understand the basics of yacht safety. To be able to recover a 100kg (approx 16 stone) man from the water into the boat single handed, using technique and skill rather than strength. To able to bring a boat and crew safely into harbour.
Location Cork Harbour.
Equipment Included The Boat has full safety equipment, all nav. aids and powerful engines. The safety equipment includes lifejackets and harnesses for each crew member. Waterproofs are available on request.
What to bring Your sailing clothes.
Meals Coffee and cake or scones served at break times.

Introduction to yacht safety equipment. Making a VHF distress or urgency call. Returning a yacht to a man overboard. Recovering a man overboard back into the boat. Bringing a boat and crew ashore safely.

Pre Course Read Safety On The Water booklet - 'Sailing Sea Safety Guidelines' available on Check out Irish Sailing Association's WOW (Women on the Water) scheme at
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