Kites & Wires Instructor

  • Course ID: C114
  • Discipline: Dinghy Sailing
  • Level: Instructor

Instructor course training you to deliver Kites & Wires 1, Kites & Wires 2 and Advanced Boat Handling. Cert valid for 3 years from date of issue.

Accreditation ISA Kites & Wires Instructor
Boat ISA Sail fleet Topaz Duo and SailCork fleet of RS Vision 16, Raider 18, Walker Bay, Topaz etc.
Length of Course 3 Days (or 2.5 days when part of a 5 day course)
Objective You will be trained and prepared for the role of the Kites & Wires Instructor including being able to delivery the syllabus of Kites & Wires 1, Kites & Wires 2 and Advanced Boat Handling.
Location SailCork's base at East Ferry near Cobh in Cork Harbour, with waters suitable for sailing in all weather. Full facilities including a chartroom for briefings, changing rooms and easy access to the water for dinghies.
What to bring Your personal sailing gear, suitable for dinghy sailing in all conditions. Buoyancy aid. Notebook and pen. Whistle and knife. Books including RYA Dinghy Instructor Handbook G14, RYA Dinghy Sailing Advanced Handbook G12, RYA Start Sailing G3, Up to date Personal Logbook (ISA Dinghy Logbook or RYA equivalent). All books available in SailCork shop (click here)
Meals Bring a packed lunch as well as snack and drink for mid morning.

Application and practice of instruction skills learned in Dinghy Instructor course in the setting of Kites & Wires

Pre Course ISA Sailing Instructor (Dinghy, Keelboat, Catamaran). 20 days teaching on ISA SBSS Courses. Recommendation from Club Officer or Centre Principal. Advanced/Kites & Wires Pre-Entry Assessment completed within last 12 months. Emergency Care Certificate. ISA Safety Boat Certificate. SRC VHF Radio Certificate.
Pre Course Advice Practice your sailing using spinnakers and trapeze.
Course Brands ISA
Tags Dinghy Sailing|Instructor|Professional

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Jo, we are back home in the States with wonderful memories of our travels in Ireland.  Tops among those memories, say the boys, are the 5 days of sailing with SailCork.  At dinner with friends, last night each of them described it as their absolute favorite part of the trip.  So thanks to you, Eddie, and everyone there, but especially their young instructor whose name I don't know how to spell!  Calad, Kalid, Cal Ed?  Anyone, the loved it and learned plenty.  I'll keep looking out for that email from, what, "" or whatever it is.  

All the best.


Davie Schein

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