iPad Navigation class. Mon March 30th at RCYC, Crosshaven

  • Course ID: N240
  • Discipline: Electronic Navigation
  • Level: iPad

The iPad has now become a regular sight aboard - being used for communication, using lots of different apps and being used for navigation. SailCork have always been the groundbreakers when it comes to new courses and now we present the first course for using the iPad for navigation. Eddie English has been using Macs since 1992 and has been using Navionics Charts on his iPhone since they were launched in 2009.

Boat -
Length of Course 1 evening 19:30-22:00
Objective Gain an understanding of using the iPad (or other tablet or smart phone) for navigation and be able to use the device to plan passages and aid navigation enroute.
Location The chartroom at SailCork's base at East Ferry near Cobh. Also in your local club in Cork, Galway, Dublin and Kerry. If you have a group of sufficient size, Eddie will travel to present this course.
What to bring Bring your iPad (or other tablet or smart phone). SailCork recommends the version with Wireless and 3G, as it has an inbuilt GPS (the WiFi only model does not have a GPS). Purchase "Navionics Boating UK & Holland" from App Store or Google Play, for approx

Eddie has found the iPad indispensable for Passage Planning and excellent for navigation. Navionics were the first company to make charting available as an app for the iPad and have full charting for the world. Eddie will demonstrate using these charts and the latest software available.

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