Electronic Navigation

  • Course ID: N230
  • Discipline: Electronic Navigation
  • Level: Basic Navigation

Electronic navigation has always been a valuable aid to traditional navigation. With the advent of reasonably priced accurate GPS systems the role of electronic navigation has become more important. GPS is vital for high speed navigation and makes life a lot simpler -as long as you know how to use it!! This short course is designed to help de-mystify the GPS and help in its practical application to everyday navigation. Note that there is a separate course for iPad navigation.

Boat -
Length of Course 1 evening
Objective Gain an understanding of electronic navigation, GPS, electronic plotters and their use.
Location The chartroom at SailCork's base at East Ferry near Cobh. Also in your local club.
What to bring A4 Notebook, pen. If you have a portable GPS or electronic plotter, bring it along.

GPS - what is it, where did it come from; What GPS set is for me; How do I install GPS - what are the snags; Initial Programming - setting up your set; What does GPS tell me - what's screen?; Waypoint Navigation; Special Features available on GPS sets; Using Chart Plotters; Using Electronic Chart Software.

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