Yachting Safety

Safety, Distress and Rescue. Planning and preperation is key to being safe afloat - this is coverd in the SAFETY section of the evening. This course will include a session on how to properly brief a crew and carry out safety checks before going afloat. Whilst the emphasis is on the prevention of accidents we must know how to react if something goes wrong.

Yacht Safety

Before heading to sea a boat must be properly equipped. Equipment for everyday living, navigation, cooking, repair and of course emergency. The crew must know how to stow and use the equipment properly. The list of provisions must be carefully planned depending on the voyage and the availability of supplies en route. In the case of an emengency we must be able to communicate to the rescue services that we need help and we must know what to do when help arrives.

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Man Overboard Recovery & Boating Safety for Women

Women and men approach a physical activity such as sailing in totally different ways.  This course is for women.  It is about empowering you to create a safe sailing enviroment for you, the men in your life and your children.  SailCork’s instructors and water safety experts will teach you how to recover a person from the water into a yacht using technique rather than strength.

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