Short Courses

Electronic Navigation

Electronic navigation has always been a valuable aid to traditional navigation. With the advent of reasonably priced accurate GPS systems the role of electronic navigation has become more important. GPS is vital for high speed navigation and makes life a lot simpler -as long as you know how to use it!!  This short course is designed to help de-mystify the GPS and help in its practical application to everyday navigation.  Note that there is a separate course for iPad navigation.

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Basic Navigation for SAR

Course provides an introduction and an insight into basic navigation . It a short introduction to the navigation on SAR Powerboats and as basic foundation before embarking on a full navigation course.

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Chartwork Revision

You successfully completed a navigation course a number of years ago, but are a little rusty, or you are planning a big trip outside your normal cruising area.  If either of these apply, this is the course for you.

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iPad Navigation

The iPad has now become a regular sight aboard - being used for communication, using lots of different apps and being used for navigation. SailCork have always been the groundbreakers when it comes to new courses and now we present the first course for using the iPad for navigation. Eddie English has been using Macs since 1992 and has been using Navionics Charts on his iPhone since they were launched in 2009.

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Come aboard and join Yachtmaster Instructor Eddie English for an evenings indepth weather tuition. Learn about the weather at sea on this course.

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