Isles of Scilly - here we come!

We are ready for departure to the Isles of Scilly in the morning! I am really looking forward to a great trip to these magical islands  Looks like the rain will stop and the weather is going to improve for us too - we should have a smooth crossing with NW breeze 8-12kn initially and it amy be even clam for a while………..time for the engine to do its work and keep us on schedule!
Holy GrounderWe will be aboard from 09:30 in the morning - please be there by 10:00 at the latest (and have had breakfast!) Jo is busy cooking a lovely Irish Stew for our outward journey and a nice mild Thai curry for our return voyage. Home cooked ham is baking now and the smells coming from the kitchen are fantastic! We will stock the boat when you arrive and will supplement the food from the kitty when we get to Scilly. We hope to leave by 11:00 as we want to get to the Isles of Scilly by lunchtime on Monday. The crossing will take us about 24 hours. It will warm up a little tomorrow and it should be a lot drier for the coming week but bring plenty of warm clothes as it is cool for the end of May. 
We hope to arrive at Tresco sound and explore the island of Bryer and climb the hill to see the fantastic views on Monday afternoon eating ashore in Tresco that evening in the excellent New Inn  where we will be looked after by the host Robin Lawson. Exploring Tresco on Tuesday morning will be followed by a short sail to the main island of St. Marys on Tuesday afternoon. It will be high water so we will be able to go alongside to get fuel, water, groceries and a hot shower! We will go to a moorings for the night and east ashore in Hughtown. 
Isles of Scilly
On Wednesday we will visit St. Agnes or St. Martin - exploring, eating ashore and possibly spending the night. (Good news from St. Martin - the Seven Stones Pub which has been closed for over a year is due to open again TONIGHT. Thursday morning will give us another chance to explore ashore before departing for Cork where we hope to arrive on Friday afternoon. The weather for the passage home looks fine - again we might have to use the engine of some of the time but at least it will not be a rough crossing.

So - Holy Grounder is fuelled up and water tanks are filled - plan is made and we are ready for the off tomorrow!  

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